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There are 19 tracks in total, but since some of their names may contain spoilers, let’s leave it at that for now. Efe and I have worked together since Cursed Sight, and he is also the composer for Without Within 1 and Without Within 2.

Every time we catch up for a new project, I can tell Efe has improved.

Do you think you have the balls do do better than FDR (game takes place during the Great Depression) Each day brings with it new challenges. I work as a farmer one day my business man said I couldn't be a farmer because I didn't pay my bills for all the tools I bought.

you start with 00000000000000 for 1 year and can only spend a limited amount per year. Clayton Forrester attempts to crash the tournament with his new-found army & the Ultima Bot. Like spades so I started to pack my bags and I was walking down the street I ran into my parents I tell them what happened after that I saw a watch that looked like i could steel it but I rang the bell on his coat.

Everybody who participated is blurbed here at least once, some more than that, and the answers are posted here in roughly the order they were received. I just think it’s fun to revisit them a little over a month later in a somewhat compressed format and remind you and me both of the great, thoughtful, funny readership this blog has. (Sometimes I couldn’t resist just a tiny comment of my own on your comments, though.) Here then are the first 12 questions followed by some of my favorite responses. And if you still have responses burning inside you and haven’t yet filled out the professor’s quiz for yourself yet, please don’t consider the thread dead and buried.

There are still a few of the usual respondents who haven’t checked in this time. ) So please post ‘em, and I’ll respond to them as well! 1) Best transition from movies to TV (actor, actress, producer/director, movie/show)The transition is easy nowadays as TV writers, directors and actors go back and forth with no stigma attached. Buffy in fact took a less than acclaimed movie and became a TV show that was much more acclaimed than the source. See his Fox DVD set, and then, if you can, check out his work on the horror TV series, Thriller.

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enjoy Venture through a land of fantasy and advanced technology as you take on the role of Thythl, a young Griffin Keeper, lost to his duty he's inherited. Included in the game will be a TOC style battle grouping along with the closure to the series... There is a darkness spreading throughout the land...a hero is needed. You get into some dark trouble involving this box, this bus, and some bullies.

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