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21-Nov-2017 12:50

Just a note to help me remember the IValidatable Object interface that is used in ASP.

NET MVC for adding complex custom validation to a view model.

The Spring Framework supports declarative transaction management, remote access to your logic through RMI or web services, and various options for persisting your data.

It offers a full-featured MVC framework, and enables you to integrate AOP transparently into your software.

However, Spring is modular, allowing you to use only those parts that you need, without having to bring in the rest.

You can use the Io C container, with Struts on top, but you can also use only the Hibernate integration code or the JDBC abstraction layer.

Components also support consistency through reusability: Self-validating business classes can be reused in a variety of environments, ensuring that your business rules are consistently applied in all applications.

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Extending the Data Annotations Model Validator (Custom Validators) The quickest way to create a custom validator is extend an existing one.

Implement it on your view model and a Validate() method is added to your model that you can use to run your custom validations. So here, for my future use and for anyone else with the same problem, are a list of all the timeout possibilities that I know of in ASP. Session State – In web.config Session state timeout is 20 mins by default.

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