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21-Nov-2017 06:03

The question of whether government workers, including teachers, should enjoy the privilege of collective bargaining has reopened.

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For secondary schools with 750-999 students, there must be at least two school counselors employed.For elementary schools with 1,250-1,499 students, there must be at least 2.5 school counselors employed.For secondary schools with more than 1,250 students, there must be at least three school counselors employed.School uniform polices, often associated with private schools, are increasingly being adopted in public schools; but not without controversy.

The often asserted reasons for mandating uniforms include improved student behavior, better attendance, less competition over clothing, and improved student learning because students would not be distracted by who was wearing what and could focus on their studies. However, opponents assert that a mandated uniform seeks to homogenize the students, violates their free speech rights, and does not solve the problems the policy is intended to remedy.

Ongoing provider outreach and public education about vaccines and the diseases they prevent may also lead to such an increase.

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