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I'm aware that most professional research companies use P/E Ratios to pick out undervalued stocks. High P/E rations, and more than 20% EPS growth."Anticipation for profit growth (EPS growth) is an important market force, able to push P/E ratios up.

I find it amazing how these reports put so much emphasis on P/E ratio, cause I find a consistantly growing EPS more important than a low P/E ratio."EPS growth is more important than P/E Ratio. Stock A has reported flat annual earnings, while B reported growing profits of 30% annually (and of course 30% EPS growth). Well, P/E ratios are really affected by market anticipation of a company's potential. In theory, a 30% profit growth should translate to a 30% increase in share prices, all things being equal. But a high P/E doesn't make a stock unattractive"Given the rare chances of a low P/E ratio stock surging thru a 1 day frenzy, you're better off putting your hard earned money in a company that can almost guarantee growth thru their operations, using the above companies as prove of the importance of EPS growth."Investing in a low P/E company with no EPS growth is like gambling."Next time when you recieve a research report, claiming stock growth due to low P/E, maybe you should look between the lines, in the financial statement. Or you should just check if those research companies have vested interested in low P/E companies.

If some midget decides to say, start a dog-fighting ring let's make it about the dog fighting not the dwarfism.

Upon reflection I've decided to re-instate the name "Craptors".

I'll talk about why I bought certain shares, why the company is fundamentally sound (or unsound).

Leave technical analysis at home as I teach you how to make your money grow. Yesterday I recieved an E-Mail from a reader, asking me to review a particular company, whose P/E Ration is extremely low, but growth is almost not consistant.

Breck couldn’t see the bad and when I pointed out his obvious lies, they were overlooked by Breck, his friends and, unfortunately, the police.’What Daynes lacked in social skills he made up for on the internet.

His father Barry Bednar (right) was also in court today He left the £600,000 family home in Caterham, Surrey, on February 16, saying he was going to a sleepover at a friend’s house.

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It's like those children's books where the top doesn't fit with the bottom - because in a world of insanity, Gail was steady, solid, the quinetessential Betty Crocker. It was not at the infamous Log Cabin - she and Frank and kids had movcd by then and were living in a 'normal' Brady bunch sort of house.

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