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01-Sep-2017 13:02

And there’s something for everyone: Giants, sword fights, dog-sized rats; an absolutely radiant Princess Humperdink (Robin Wright) and the equally dreamy Westley (Cary Elwes); the satisfaction of besting some self-impressed asshole in a battle of wits and Billy Crystal made up as some kind of troll-wizard.

The only potential downside is that if your date hasn’t seen before, she will probably slap your hand away when you make a move because she’s too enthralled.

Last Updated: June 27, 2017Note: This list will be updated monthly to reflect both the old and new romance movies added to Netflix. If you're in the mood for movies about love, Netflix has just the thing for you.

Currently, there are countless popular romantic movies on the online streaming portal's library, providing subscribers with an overwhelming selection of heart-stopping moments and unforgettable love stories.

Certainly one to file under the classics section for all-time great movie romances is The African Queen.

While in this particular John Huston masterpiece, neither the gin joint airs of Ingrid Bergman or the real-life crackle of Lauren Bacall are available to Humphrey Bogart, the film is nevertheless another hardboiled love story for the iconic movie star. In his element as a salty riverboat captain sailing up and down Ulanga River, Bogie’s Charlie is a wreck, but he is also prince charming for Katharine Hepburn’s Rose Sayer, an “old maid” who is doing missionary work with her brother when World War I breaks out.

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It doesn't hurt that Love Actually also features the most impressive roster of British acting talent this side of a Harry Potter movie.The plot is an interesting twist on a love story, making it different than most romantic movies. is a classic chick flick, especially for Big Apple lovers and city-goers like myself.